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Motor Show Bologna

The Motor Show is an international exhibition (recognized by OICA) which is held in the halls of the fair in Bologna since 1976. The duration of the event is a little more than a week and are usually present, with its exhibition areas, the major of world motor homes. divebuto now an institution in the industry was conceived and produced by Mario Zodiac for the first time in 1976, he wanted to propose an alternative to the usual fairs, [...]

Ran from one side of the globe.

November 6 will be held the fantastic New York Marathon, the annual run of 42,195 meters that winds through the five large boroughs of New York City. It is by far the most attended marathon in the world, with nearly 50,000 each year. It is organized by the New York Road Runners who for some time have been joined as well as promoters of the ING Group. In this marathon involving both professional and amateur athletes as they battle [...]