Sport Awards

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Cup & Trophies, Medals & Plates Sellings

Who gets part to a sport competition, usually does it to win and get the price, the award, the CUP… since ever. The cup, as a sport reward, has ancient origins; we can even find mention of it in the Greek mythology, where cups filled with sacred ointments were offered to the winners. Same thing used to happen in the Ancient Rome. People loves price giving moment. It rewards their efforts. This is why we can find any kind of cups and prizes; precious awards like crystal, gold or silver cups, famous objects like the Champion’s League Cup” or the Olympic medals (which are a must for sport addicted) or the simple and “pour” cup kids win at the end of a competition. We all wish to win! What Premia does is making this moment unforgettable.



Cups & Trophies Production

Iron, brass, plastic are some of the materials used to produce our cups and trophies. You will find different plating, like gold or silver and even coloured enamels; we produce many models with different components like handles, or lids as well. Every single cup is designed to be unique of its kind. The basement is another important component. It can be made of marble, plastic, resin or wood.

Medals Production

From the graphic and design project to the steel die. Our modern machineries together with the knowledge of different finishing and decorating processes, allow us to present our company as the one with best relation ever between quality and price. The countless techniques we are able to use (laser engraving, turning, plating, serigraphic or digital printing, enamelling.. just to say a few) are what we need to fulfil your wishes and needs.



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